How to Make 'Trying' Less Trying


(NewsUSA) - For many people seeking to become pregnant, the process is often challenging and frustrating. Myths and misinformation about fertility and how to get pregnant persist (would you believe—turkey basters?). Consequently, many couples start the process of trying to get pregnant either uninformed, misinformed, or a combination of the two.

Current guidance suggests that otherwise healthy individuals younger than 35 years should try to conceive on their own for a year before seeking medical help for “infertility.” That means they’re on their own often fumbling and hacking their way through those first 12 months before insurance will even cover an initial fertility consult.

“When my patients first come to me, so many of them are still unaware of the fundamentals of conception even after trying for a year – from how to track their ovulation to the importance of taking supplements,” says Dr. Stephanie Thompson, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS). “Furthermore, many still believe in DIY hacks and myths like using a turkey baster for insemination or taking cough medicine to better their chances.”

To help simplify the babymaking process and help better support a couple’s chances right from the time they start trying to conceive, the company behind the Frida Baby Snot Sucker and the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle has launched the Frida Fertility product line. The products were developed in partnership with medical professionals and fertility specialists like Dr. Thompson and are designed to help promote pregnancy through pre-conception nutrition, optimizing egg and sperm health, tracking and testing cycles and timing sex.

“Our mission at Frida has always been to prepare parents for the unfiltered realities of parenthood, and now, with Frida Fertility, that starts the moment you think about becoming a parent,” says Chelsea Hirschhorn, mom of four and CEO of Frida.  “Women will no longer be left on an endless internet search for ‘how to get pregnant,’ and can feel supported and informed from the beginning of their conception journey.”

The Frida Fertility collection offers products for different stages of the pre-pregnancy process.

-Preparation: The preparation package includes pre-conception supplement sets for men as well as women. Research has shown the supplements with the right nutrients promote egg and sperm health and may increase chances of conception. The women’s product includes several components of common prenatal vitamins as well, so they can be continued during the conception phase.

-Testing and Tracking: Ovulation tracking is important when trying to conceive, as women who understand their cycle can maximize opportunities. Women are three times more likely to get pregnant during the fertile window, and the ovulation prediction test from Frida Fertility can help. Other components of testing and tracking include an ovulation plus pregnancy test and track set, and an early detection pregnancy test. The set comes with a novel collapsible, on-the-go Pee Cup – ending the days of peeing on your hand to get a sample.

-Conception: Finally, Frida Fertility’s at-home insemination set is designed to facilitate the delivery of sperm to the cervix during the fertile window to optimize changes of pregnancy. This set works for same-sex couples using donor sperm or heterosexual couples stressed by the pressure to perform during a limited time window.

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