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Is it a risk-taker’s market? Investors are skeptical

There’s a laundry list of reasons to be cynical about the stock market this year: real estate, high-interest rates, government shutdown risks, and wars abroad.  Investor and personal …

Amazon revenue reports jumps 13%, stock climbs as a result

Much to many analysts' surprise, Amazon’s third-quarter earnings and revenue exceeded analysts' estimates by $1.7 billion. Their advertising sector raked in $12.1 billion in the third quarter …

AppleInsider reports that pre-orders of the iPhone 15 are up by 10% worldwide, year after year, with the sale of the iPhone Pro Max this year doing “exceptionally well.” The new Pro …
Meme stocks become viral through online communities such as Reddit and X. Through these social platforms; investors discuss stock viability, gather enough individuals, and mass-buy a certain amount …
The US Dollar is called the world’s “reserve currency” by the Council of Foreign Relations and has since been the standard for international trade. Countries must possess dollars …
In an interview with CNBC, Josh Young stated that the recent drop in US oil usage and supply is not worrying. When juxtaposed with global figures, Young noted that US oil demand is not far behind, …

The American Film Market: Here's What You Need To Know

1.) The Evolution of the American Film Market: A Retrospective The American Film Market is a cornerstone event in the film industry, held annually in early November. Since its inception in 1981, …

Is Citibank Recovering From Its Billion-Dollar Slip-up?

Citibank was at the center of worldwide scrutiny when it accidentally sent billions of dollars to Revlon's lenders with its bank money. Citibank filed a case to recover the funds. After a lengthy …

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As bitcoin's next halving event approaches, here's what to expect.
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This time last year, that figure was just under $76,000.
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Car insurance costs are rising much faster than inflation.
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Traditionally, 65 is the target age for retirement, but that’s becoming an increasingly ambitious goal for the average American.
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Roughly 30 million borrowers could have some debt forgiven.
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No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, known for its core mission of Christmastime charitable efforts, has evolved into a year-round force for good – ensuring that no child is forgotten any day of the …

Young Author Translates 4,000-Year-Old Text to Reveal Fascinating Insights into Ancient Egypt

(NewsUSA) - Educators everywhere should scrap their current lesson plans and make the new book Be a Scribe! by 16-year-old Michael Hoffen and co-authors Dr. Christian Casey and Dr. Jen Thum part of …
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Despite experiencing steep price declines in the past few weeks, popular Shiba Inu marketing team member, Lucie, has remained optimistic about SHIB’s price fundamentals, stating that the …
NASA’s decision to scrap its $11 billion, 15-year mission to Mars to bring back samples could create a startup feeding frenzy, TechCrunch reports. Describing its plans as too slow, and too …

Jets call up four Manitoba Moose players ahead of final regular season game

With one game on deck before the playoffs begin, the Winnipeg Jets have called up some of the standout players from their minor-league affiliate.

Meta’s making several big moves today to promote its AI services across its platform. The company has upgraded its AI chatbot with its newest Large Language Model, Llama 3, and it is now running it …
Meta has released the latest entry in its Llama series of open source generative AI models: Llama 3. Or, more accurately, the company has open sourced two models in its new Llama 3 family, with the …
What does Bitcoin’s fourth halving mean, and why does it matter?
No matter what its condition, there's a way to profit off of your old car. Here are four options for you to consider.
shiba inu target of 0.0002 USDT within 3-6 months, 700% move coming. :)
Taiwan has appointed Peng Jin-lung, a professor at the National Chengchi University, as the next chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). Peng, who is the associate dean of the …
Thailand’s securities regulator has tightened regulations for initial coin offerings (ICO) to improve investor protection. Among other things, ICO issuers will now be required to disclose their …
Korea Post has chosen local alternatives manager DSC Investment as the winner of a domestic venture capital mandate of up to 30 billion won (US$21.7 million) for its insurance unit that was tendered …
The no-code solution enhances compliance, streamlines and reduces costs, and simplifies onboarding for improved customer experiences The post Finix launches Automated Merchant Underwriting first …
Investor confidence is rebounding for this reliable dividend stock.
? #INJ Analysis ?? #INJ is trading in a Descending Triangle Pattern. If the price of #INJ breaks and sustain the higher price then will see a pump of around $50 expecting almost 80-90% in coming …
Here a Shortterm Tradesetup. Based on the Assumption BTC is pushing into its 5-5-3 Manage ur risk acordingly. I Personally will enter Long at 63205 Stop loss at: 62861 Close long …
… Triller overcome recent financial difficulties and compete … combines AGBA’s financial expertise with Triller … strategically integrating AGBA’s financial services expertise with … …
Time to take some profit Double Bottom in 25.0 ~ 25.2 Zone potentially can come back to mentioned area
The Financial Conduct Authority’s insurance … that taking action on premium finance would have little or … motor cover. Speaking to the Finance Treasury Committee yesterday, he … …
International business
Provincial police say body found in fire-swept home south of Quebec City
Police say a teenager was reported missing and five other occupants of the home were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. They say the victim is likely the missing teenager.
University of Idaho murder suspect says he was ‘out driving’ in new alibi
Bryan Kohberger's lawyers said the murder suspect was on a typical late-night drive 'to see the moon and stars' at the time four University of Idaho students were fatally stabbed.
Police at scene of ‘serious assault’ in north Winnipeg
Winnipeg police said they are investigating a serious assault Thursday morning in the vicinity of Selkirk Avenue and McKenzie street.
Clerk punched, window smashed at downtown Guelph restaurant: police
Police said the man was kicked out of the restaurant earlier on Wednesday but returned to assault the clerk. Then he went outside and broke the front window with rock-filled sock.
Provincial, municipal officials to make Manitoba housing announcement
Manitoba's housing minister Bernadette Smith will be joined by Winnipeg mayor Scott Gillingham and Jeremy Read of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation.
Nova Scotia premier says agreement reached with teachers union, strike averted
Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston has not released details but says the deal addresses teachers' concerns around such things as pay and classroom conditions.
London, Ont. police officer charged with impaired driving
An off-duty London police officer was charged with impaired driving after being stopped by members of the OPP. Const. Darryl Horan is expected to appear in court on June 4.
26 best gifts for mom this Mother’s Day 2024
Whether your mom is a homebody, a world traveller or an outdoor adventurer, we’ve got a Mother’s Day gift for her.
Toronto school board begs for funding, says cuts will ‘jeopardize’ service
The Toronto District School Board has said it is facing a deficit of roughly $26.5 million for the upcoming year, even after some cuts have already been made.
What are midges and why are they swarming Toronto’s lakeside region
Many who live by the lake or frequent the boardwalk in Toronto see hundreds of the tiny little flies flying around. But what are they, and how long are they around for?
Canada’s income gap is growing. Will Budget 2024 help affordability?
The 2024 budget tabled by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland Tuesday promised to put money back into Canadians’ wallets. So what will that look like?
Bursting at the seams: New school in Halifax region already facing overcrowding
Families at Bedford West School, which has classes from pre-primary to Grade 8, are surprised to hear that the newly-built school is already looking to install modular classrooms.
Arizona Coyotes howl one last time with win over Edmonton Oilers
The Arizona Coyotes ended their existence with a 5-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers Wednesday night. The franchise is moving to Salt Lake City. “It’s tough,” Oilers head coach Kris Knoblauch said …
Salvation Army adding more space with rise in asylum seekers
For the second time in six months, the Salvation Army is adding space to address the number of people using emergency shelter services.
Manitoba Tories say premier’s promise to control food prices has rung hollow
Manitoba's Opposition Progressive Conservatives say the NDP government's promise to crack down on rising grocery prices has proven to be an empty threat.
‘Extremely dangerous’: Viral video shows man ‘surfing’ between SkyTrain cars
Transit police say they're investigating the "extremely dangerous" stunt and warn would-be copycats they could be seriously hurt or face criminal charges.
Manitoba Tories to delay passage of bills, angering provincial labour group
Manitoba's Opposition Progressive Conservatives are delaying passage of four bills at the legislature, prompting an angry response from a labour leader.
Cyclist killed in East Vancouver collision
A collision between a pickup truck and a cyclist in East Vancouver on Wednesday left one person dead.
Ontario iGaming wagers hit $17.8 billion in 2023-2024
A new report offers insights into Ontario's online gaming market, which racked up nearly $18 billion in wagers during the 2023-2024 period. 
Emerson the ‘real rascal’ elephant seal swims hundreds of kilometres back to Victoria
"And Emerson has kind of grown attached to people. And now two years later, he's weighing over 500 pounds and he's really taken a liking to Victoria."
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Youth Take Down Tobacco
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Curbing Colorectal Cancer in Minority Populations
Curbing Colorectal Cancer in Minority Populations
(NewsUSA) - April is National Minority Health Month, and Black Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/AN), and underserved Americans, are among those disproportionately affected by …
Taking Action to Take Down Tobacco
(NewsUSA) - Advocates of all ages across the country join forces on April 1, Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action, to stand up and speak out against the tobacco industry.Demonstrations, rallies …
Ash Carter Exchange Showcases Innovation and National Security
Ash Carter Exchange Showcases Innovation and National Security
(NewsUSA) - As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform the landscapes of our society, the impact on national security must be a top priority.  Hear from experts about the latest …